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Glory Sky Wealth Management Limited is a member of Professional Insurance Brokers Association (Member No. M-387) . We are an Independent Financial Advisor operating brokerage business in Long-Term Insurance, General Insurance and Mandatory Provident Fund.

  • Our professional team includes members with expertise in wealth management. Our financial consultants have years of experience in the financial planning field and they have membership in various professional bodies.
  • Our partnership with renowned Multi-National Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies enable us to provide comprehensive solutions covering a wide range of investment and assets protection products.
  • For the benefits of our clients, we provide high quality wealth planning services suitable for different individual needs. We offer comprehensive life, medical, accident, critical illness, retirement protection and investment plan to our clients.

Based on client’s individual needs, our Financial Consultant will provide a sophisticated financial planning service. It included both Personal Service and Corporate Service covering the following aspects:

  • Individual Life
  • Group Life
  • Medical
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Accident & Health Insurance
  • Investment Linked Product
  • Mutual Fund
  • General Insurance
  • Mandatory Provident Fund
  • Other Financial Services
  • Financial Planning and Wealth Management Solutions

We have enhanced functions in this website to provide more convenience for our clients. Clients can make policy enquiries through the Cyber Service. For the clients who have bought investment-linked policies, they can check their fund allocations, updated fund prices and units held online.